We differentiate ourselves in the telecommunications marketplace by providing outstanding service, innovation and industry thought leadership. To monitor our progress and encourage candid collaboration with our clients, we established the ‘Service Excellence’ program, in short, we get the job done! This is instrumental to our success in cultivating and maintaining long-­‐term business relationships.

Health and safety:

AMTEC Consulting is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all of its staff, customers and anyone who may be affected by its activities.
AMTEC Consulting, as a company, has made detailed arrangements for the implementation of their Health and safety policy as outlined:
  • To comply with relevant local and international health and safety legislation
  • To set and maintain high standards of construction and installation safety with an annual review of the AMTEC safety policy
  • To identify hazards, assess risks and implement control procedures
  • To ensure that staff, customers and visitors are adequately informed of risks, and where appropriate, receive instruction, training and supervision
  • To document and review risk assessments
  • To implement this policy through codes of practice, schedules, guidance notes and training
  • To safeguard the environment from the effects of AMTEC Consulting service activities
  • To monitor and review the effectiveness of controls
  • To ensure the provision of a trained health and safety coordinator having adequate time, resources and facilities to carry out their responsibilities
  • To ensure that all sites conform to local and international standards
  • To ensure that all personnel are issued with the necessary safety resources, such as personal protective equipment, and receive appropriate training in order to carry out their functions safely.

Experience and reputation:

AMTEC has broad ranging experience with many leading manufacturers of GSM, power and microwave equipment.

Financial stability:

AMTEC Consulting is a financially stable entity.

Service excellence:

AMTEC consulting prides itself on providing top quality throughout its portfolio of services. All work delivered through the company or its subcontractors will be supported for the duration of the guarantee period.